How to find employment and work in Canada?

Issue by Curious Cat: How to look for employment and function in Canada?

I am a Detroiter searching to look for employment and possibly home in Canada. Most probably Windsor

How do I commence the process? What do I need to have to do?
I do have a BS in accounting but no operate expertise in accounting. My work expertise incorporate consumer solutions

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Response by ibu expert
What skills do you have? Highly skilled & very educated? Do you qualify for an employment visa? See the Immigration Canada web site for details on what is needed. Do NOT start off searching for a work in Canada right up until you are absolutly particular that you are totally qualified for an employment visa.

If you meet up with or exceed each need, then you can begin jobhunting. If you locate a occupation, then your employer applies for the operate visa, and you provide all the supporting documentation to show you satisfy all visa specifications.

Notice that Canada’s workforce needs are fairly minimal and their unemployment fee is about 9%. Furthermore for any work for which a organization may possibly look for internationally as an alternative of locally, you are in excessive competition from about the entire world. Plenty of men and women want to move to Canada. Quite, very few qualify, and only a little proportion of those who qualify for operate visas will ever find work there. Opposition is hard.

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