We require some aid with a employment dependent eco-friendly card application. What documentation need to we submit with it.

Query by floridaladylaw: We need some help with a employment based green card software. What documentation should we submit with it.
I am assisting a good friend get her Green Card. She is employed by a really small and relatively new enterprise that is just receiving off the floor.

The application will be for an employment primarily based eco-friendly card (EB2). Simply because of the price, her boss desires to put together and submit her I-140 and I-485 alternatively of hiring an immigration attorney. Of course, she will be involved in the approach to help her employer in filling out the forms and accumulating needed documentation. She previously has her labor certification and has accomplished her medical.

We are waiting for the October Visa Bulletin to see if visas will be available in October and her employer hopes to submit the kinds collectively.

What information does her employer have to (or ought to) submit with the green card software, provided it is a tiny, but respectable, start up company? Any other suggestions in planning or publishing the paperwork. Thanks.

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Response by Yak Rider
Simply because of the cost, her manager wants to prepare and submit her I-140 and I-485 rather of selecting an immigration attorney.

Her boss is making a Massive error. Coronary heart bypass surgery is pricey too, but I am going to be the boss would see a genuine medical professional no issue the expense. It can be the same with this make a difference.

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